A more premium branding

Getir’s new branding —  more premium and sophisticated.

Studio Size has had the privilege of working extensively on the rebranding of the well-established grocery-delivery company, Getir. Since its inception in Istanbul in 2015, Getir has experienced remarkable growth, expanding into various European markets. With the Amsterdam office spearheading the rebranding efforts, our goal was to create a more premium and sophisticated brand image.
Recognizing the need for simplicity and minimalism in Getir’s communication, we embarked on a comprehensive art direction exercise. Photography played a crucial role in achieving the desired effect. We designed a detailed art direction document to guide photographers on capturing imagery that aligned with the brand’s new premium aesthetic. Additionally, we overhauled the layout and content of advertisements and social media posts to ensure a cohesive visual language.

Company Getir
Year 2023
Job Retail, Branding, Art Direction


Success and Impact

The results of the rebranding were a resounding success. Stakeholders were highly satisfied with the outcome, leading to the implementation of the new branding across a wider market. The refreshed visual identity was seamlessly integrated into all company assets, from packaging and marketing materials to the Getir app itself. The premium and minimalist approach to communication has elevated the brand’s perception and strengthened its position as a leader in the delivery industry.


To ensure as much colour consistency across the brand as possible, please make sure you follow these formulas and double check your files are set up in the correct colour space.


Studio Size is proud to have played a pivotal role in Getir’s rebranding journey. Through our expertise in art direction, we successfully transformed the brand’s communication strategy, creating a more premium and impactful visual identity. We are thrilled to have contributed to the continued success of Getir as it continues to dominate the European market.

Thank you.