We believe in the power of simplicity

We are Studio Size, a creative brand and graphic design studio based in The Netherlands. We use our skills to create brands, products and experiences that help our clients solve problems and seize opportunities.

How? Simply by designing and building effective initiatives that serve a purpose and last. Our work spans brand identity, digital and strategy design. You start or scale, we are present to assist you in times of transformation.

Shaping projects of the future

Creatively, the possibilities of design are limitless. We are all surrounded with designs and advertisements brought to our screens by numerous of brands and companies. Therefor we believe in the power of simplicity and set focus on the key message. The crucial question is: what is the right design to help you to flourish, grow and inspire? This is where strategy comes in. Before anything is designed, we help you define the right positioning for your purpose. Working together as partners we help you to fulfill your journey.