Ness hair & beauty is a modern Salon, with stylish design that highlights the feeling of comfort, elegance and familiarity. Ness not only offers its customers quality products, but also follows the latest trends and techniques to ensure unique hairdressings and styling. The company’s long presence in this field proofs that Ness inspires customers who love beauty and appreciate a luxurious life style.


Ness contacted Studio Size with various web and graphic design projects. One of our task was to design and develop the logo. We chose a bold typography, an expression of self-confidence, paired with the brand’s traditional values – extraordinary hair design tailored to each individual style. The logo is elegant yet playful.

Studio Size created an attractive website, indicating the products and services the company delivers. The menu is well- structured and feature-rich, with promo images. Anthracite color dominates, but balances with golden yellow, conveying a luxury feeling.


Location: Netherlands

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