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Asics Corporation, a sportswear company, was established by Onitsuka Kihachiro in 1949. Today, Asics is known as a lifestyle brand in the fusion of Japanese heritage and modern style.


Asics asked Studio Size to develop and design the new Outlet stores across Europe. The challenge was to remain the historic spiral logo and position ASICS as a premium sport brand while staying true to its core performance heritage. Inspiration derived from the brand’s philosophy and the importance of sports, that bring joy and energy to all aspects of life. The POS materials were designed in such manner that these convey a cultural message to consumers, but also captivate, excite and engage them.


Location: Europe

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The ASICS outlet channel is running on special offers. The provided POS material needs to be stunning and meet the customer needs. That is why we have kept the style premium and simple. The lemon yellow color is used for any promotion call-out and it really catches the eye on a premium black background support with some moving arrows.


The photography part is managed very carefully since is has to meet the premium look and feel of the new outlet stores. It needs to be timeless as well so we can go for a long term agreement with this photographs.


The Japanese heritage is a key element for ASICS. We did some huge research on finding old material and prints to be used in the new concept. All the content we managed to collect made us able to create those historical graphics across the store to represent the strong history and heritage of the brand.


The openings of the new concept outlet stores goes among with a strong consistent communication in both offline and online content. We aligned every single element carefully with the main look and feel.