Meet our co-founder Gökhan Yeter in the following interview and listen to his insights about design.

Can you give an example of the best moment during a project phase?

A good moment is when the production finally begins, but the best is when the idea finally turns into something real and we see our idea taking physical form. Then, of course the feeling of excitement continues when the design is presented to the client and we have been able to exceed his expectations.

How are you able to convince your clients?

Our philosophy is: keep it as clear and simple as possible, while making the design as beautiful and surprising. So, we know how to turn complex strategies into strong branding. By communicating this, we help our clients to let them just focus on their true strengths.

What do you think makes somebody a good designer?

We personally think that a good designer is someone who has the ability to think outside the box. Someone who is able to see things from different angles. Someone who has love for design, who is passionate about what he/she does, someone who is able to take note about a problem and try to find a solution for this.

What makes you a good designer?

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

What are the main challenges you, as a designer, have to overcome?

Mainly technology. It is unbelievable how fast everything is changing every day. How every idea is accessible worldwide, within no time. Especially when looking at the creative industry.

Where do you find inspiration?

Travelling. We just visited Seoul. Wow!